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Degassing of municipal landfills

Degassing of municipal landfills

Our Group has been dealing with the issues of municipal landfill degassing since 1995. In cooperation with other companies, we are now providing a full range of services in this field. As part of our activities, we can carry out a full set of actions with respect to: assessment of the conditions for biogas capture, including laboratory tests, the planning of intallations and stations for biogas capture both in a newly created landfill, as well as through the preparation of a plan for upgrading already existing infrastructure, the planning and preparation of infrastructure for the economic use of biogas, depending on the anticipated capture. As part of the above activities, we offer access to all the necessary instruments, equipment and machinery. In addition, we offer subsequent maintenance of the entire installation.

Our solutions also often benefit from the experience we have gained in demethanation of black coal mines. On the basis on their own technologies, using the latest achievements in this field, the experts from our companies have developed and implemented technical solutions that effectively eliminate the gas hazard in landfills of this type.

The range of services we provide includes:

  • comprehensive assessment of conditions and possibilities for biogas capture (gas sampling);
  • plans of degassing installations in landfills (including dehydrators, gas heads in boreholes, etc.);
  • plans of installations for economic utilisation;
  • construction of gas installations in landfills;
  • construction of a biogas capture and combustion station;
  • construction of installations for economic utilisation of biogas for the production of electricity and heat.