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Implementation of construction investments

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For the last thirty years, we have been involved in comprehensive implementation of construction projects, either on the basis of customer projects or under the “design–build” system. Not only does the implementation of an investment require experienced and qualified staff, but also the right equipment. This is particularly important in situations where most of the work is carried out at mining sites, which are difficult by definition, often requiring the ability to react quickly to the changing conditions, and to adapt to the requirements of maintaining continuous mining operations.

Our company has its own construction and installation department, experienced in carrying out this type of work. Within the structures of this department, we have engineering personnel, as well as specialists in the installation and construction industry, who are able to face even the most difficult tasks using our extensive machinery park.

We provide turnkey services, from the preparation of a site for an investment, through earthwork, reinforcement, concrete work, to installation work. This is particularly important for complex facilities, such as demethanation stations built along with the associated infrastructure, which includes the supply of electrical energy, or process pipelines, which are often founded on flyovers or supports, etc.

Our construction and installation department plays a key role in providing the necessary infrastructural solutions and keeping the constructed facilities operational. This requires of us high quality work, diligence and meticulous compliance with regulations, in order to avoid the risk of failures or accidents.

We specialise in “design–build” investments. This system is becoming increasingly popular on the construction market, as it demonstrates the many benefits of being able to comprehensively carry out an order, in particular:

Time – this system guarantees the investor an immediate start of work, after the stage related to the development of design documentation has been completed, along with the acquisition of the necessary decisions or permits.

Costs – a single general contractor reduces them significantly, plus there is a reduction in the financial outlay associated with possible changes and claims due to various errors or ambiguities along the design–execution path.

Efficient flow of information – a single main contractor means the ability to reach an agreement more quickly, a minimum of misunderstandings and errors in communication, which often contribute to delays in the implementation of investments.

In addition, the involvement of only one company guarantees a comprehensive implementation, at the same time preventing the dilution of responsibility.

Our company has the proper experience and execution capabilities, which guarantee fast, efficient and comprehensive implementation of investments in the “design–build” system. We have experts in many industries, so we guarantee complete execution of an investment for the client, from design to implementation. The efficient work of the management team ensures that the tasks entrusted to us are always carried out in a timely and professional manner. In addition, with our own production facility, we are able to make finished steel elements as early as in the design phase, which means another time bonus for an investor when executing an order.

Also of importance is the emphasis we place on very good communication with the investor, and on keeping them informed of the progress of work in our highly transparent reporting system.

Linear facilities – not only demethanation

The construction of facilities such as demethanation pipeline networks has accompanied our business for years. In addition to demethanation, linear facilities include a whole range of networks and connections, supplying customers with various necessary utilities, both in areas undergoing residential and investment development, but also in already developed areas, complementing the existing utilities. To meet the needs of the ever-changing market, we carry out investments for the needs of, e.g. Polska Spółka Gazownictwa sp. z o.o., which is the largest Gas Distribution System Operator in Poland.

We have qualified and experienced employees, which gives us the ability to provide comprehensive support for linear investments for the PSGAZ. An in-house commercial, design or technical department makes it possible to carry out virtually any linear investment from tendering, through the design and administrative process, to execution.

In addition, with the strong support of specialists from the Research and Development department, we are expanding our indispensable machinery park used for this kind of work. Here, it is worth it to mention the PS-35 hydraulic pipe jacking device, which we have developed from scratch ( Our device allows the installation of underground linear infrastructure such as gas pipelines, water pipelines or cable lines in a trenchless manner, enabling a reduction in the amount of earthworks to a minimum.

The construction of linear structures, both underground and aboveground, including on flyovers, is not a problem for us, and at the right scale, it can only constitute a challenge.