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We repair drilling equipment, compressor, blower and pumping units, as well as all types of components of the above equipment intended for use in black coal mining. We also repair water pumps, borehole cementing pumps, and hydraulic pumps.

We have a station for verification and quality control after a completed repair.

We provide hardfacing, threading, turning, drilling and grinding services for parts submitted for repair and regeneration.

Our repair stations are equipped with the necessary tools, as well as machines supporting work while threading parts, or a hydraulic press necessary during repairs of the equipment.  

The assembly station is designed to assemble our proprietary products, such as the PS35 jack.

Certificate NO. KOMAG 21 REPAIR 19 allows for repairing the following machines and components:

  • Roots blower,
  • Aerzen, Spomax, Robuschi, Kubicek,
  • PW7 vacuum pumps,
  • Zgoda vane compressors,
  • Wittig vane compressors,
  • Rotary-screw compressors—AERZEM,
  • Small diameter drilling rigs: WD-02EA, WD-02P,WD-02H, MDR-03A, MDR-06A and MDR-03-06,
  • Air-drainage drilling rigs: WDP-1, WDP-2 and WDP-600,
  • Hydraulic drilling rigs: WDH-1 and WDH-3,
  • Onram 1000 and Onram 1500 drilling rigs,
  • Turmag EH-1200 and P-1200 drilling rigs,
  • Diamec PHC8, PHC6 and PHC4 drilling rigs,
  • MP-1 plug-making device,
  • Super Turbo bolter,
  • A mixing-injection unit with a hydraulic drive,
  • A mixing and injection unit with a pneumatic drive,
  • WT-30 motorised pumps,
  • REXROTH pump unit,
  • Fec-45 compressor unit.

We als provide maintenance and repairs of:

  • Measurement apparatus systems,
  • Automation systems,
  • Control systems,
  • Visualisation systems,
  • Control and measurement as well as protective apparatus systems, Gas detection systems.